Most women would be of the same opinion that beauty is not just defined by one's outer appearance but the inner beauty also defines it. Healing yourself internally and beautifying your soul is integral and acts as a holistic approach to making yourself look your best. This is a state that can never be achieved by applying beauty products superficially; instead this can only be acquired by keeping yourself internally happy, fresh and healed from within.

Dealkare aim at offering the finest of the Spa and Beauty services for our users at the most reasonable and rational approach. We intend to list down the most efficient, reliable, invigorate and rejuvenating Spa and Beauty Services for you.

Why Us?

Well, certainly, there are numerous Spa as well as beauty centers spread around you, however, Dealkare, are not at all in the league of picking up numbers on our portal.

Verification of Legal Documents & Adherence to Dealkare Service-level Agreement & Process is a must!

Customer Friendly Approach & Service Orientedness. Transparency, Honesty & Honouring the quoted price without deviation.

Offer our services with sole purpose of presenting the most genuine Spa, Beauty & Personal Care services, thereby preventing our users to fall in the trap of negative and money making ventures.

Testimonials & CLIENTS REVIEW

Real People. & Real experiences!

2017-03-18 22:41:18.0
Bhanu - Beautician at Home


Used [Spa and Beauty] - Beautician at Home

I hired beautician for home services and she arrived before time. His work experience was great and she was very professional. She follows all the process which I required. I am really happy with such kind of response by Dealkare.

2017-03-18 22:37:13.0
Nisha  - Saloon At Home


Used [Spa and Beauty] - Saloon At Home

Excellent job! all the hygienic services were great and people are very professional. They are very flexible and supportive. I was really surprised about services, each one great and reasonable price.

2017-03-04 17:07:12.0
Niyati - Salon Services


Used [Spa and Beauty] - Salon Services

Satisfactory services and punctual people. What more do you ask for!! Thank you and we hope you continue this way!!

2017-03-04 17:04:57.0
Deeksha - Salon Services


Used [Spa and Beauty] - Salon Services

Being a new mom is super time consuming and you guys came to my rescue with your awesome home salon services! Thanks!